bucketlord2 (bucketlord2) wrote in nissan_drivers,

It's Going!

My beloved Nissan Primera GTLE Saloon is being returned to standard this weekend, ouch! It was my decision to do so, the car didn't sell as a whole so I made the choice to break all the mods and sell them seperately! People have already reserved the parts off the car and they're all getting bargains! I have sold stacks of parts including 18" White Buddy Club P1 wheels, Tein Coilovers, JWT S3 Cams, Fidanza Flywheel, UR Lightweight Pulleys, BMC CDA Intake, Remus Exhaust, Autochrome Header, Brembo Brakes, Defi HUD, B&M Shifter, etc etc etc.

Going to be stressful seeing my baby dismantled at the weekend but hey, it's all in a good cause. My next ride is going to be damn quick and I'm only doing this to my lovely GTLE to get more power!
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