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Recently picked up some Rays Nismo LMGT4 GT500 forged monoblock rims (same as R34 GTR Z-Tune & Z33 RS Concept). Original Nismo black, not powdercoated, very lightweight, and made in limited quantity. Still waiting to get the special black Nismo racing lug nuts and then they will be mounted on the car. I know it sounds like I am over amping new wheels but it's taken a considerable amount of time and money to obtain them! ^^

front: 18x8.5 w/ Falken FK452 245/40ZR18
rear: 18x9.5 w/ Falken FK452 275/40ZR18
And one extra authentic GT500 18x8.5 to be my new coffee table ^^

I've considered color matching the door handles and the Z badge as well as smoking the reflectors and reverse/signal lenses but it's already so black that it makes Wesley Snipes look like Michael Jackson.

(tried to blank out the factory wheels in the rear)

And to make it not a completely pointless thread, recent engine shot.

Going to polish the lettering on the upper plenum manifold and powdercoat everything around it including the throttle body. Eventually when I have the time and money I'll be adding a Hasemi front lip, Varis carbon air duct, and replace the polished aluminum intake tube with a more heat resistant carbon one. Sometime before, during, or after, I'll snag some OE Track Brembo 6pot calipers and new rotors or unless something better is found along the way. But for now my priority is to get out to a track day because it's been way too long since the last ^^
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